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As African herbal practioner, we believe that life forces are manifest in everything. This spirit or power is the essence of every living creature, natural event or inanimate object. These life forces all have their own personalities and cosmic place. Therefore, the preservation or restoration of health is impossible without them. Traditionally, Africans use herbal and animal products as medicines, intoxicants and poisons in their struggle for survival and in their quests for religious experiences. A healer’s power is not determined by the number of medicinal plants he or she knows, but by the ability to apply an understanding of the intricate relation between the patient and the world around him or her. Unlike a doctor trained in Western biomedicine, the traditional African healer looks for the cause of the patient’s misfortune in relation to the patient and his social, natural and spiritual environment.

We mix our herbal knowledge with divination and spiritual intervention. We look for disturbing events in your past, which can cause misfortune if left untreated.

Common ailments, such as headaches or coughs, are considered to be diseases with natural causes. Their symptoms are treated, without resorting to magical practices. For other illnesses, or when a common ailment persists, recourse is sought through divination in combination with herbalism. African herbal medicines are applied to every part of the body in every conceivable way. There are oral forms, enemas, fumes to be inhaled, vaginal preparations, fluids administered into the urinal tract, preparations for the skin, and various lotions and drops for the eye, ear and nose.

Our tradition of using natural healing herbs for health care is strengthened by the sheer number of flowers & plants that are available, often untouched by modern development.

Far from a static, backwards system of medicine & herbology, African herbal medicine is dynamic & varied, relying on traditional herbal remedies to treat illness & maintain health.

Herbs from all over the earth have been incorporated into the treasure chest of African medicine & herbs. Many swathes of the population depend on these natural remedies for their daily medicinal needs.

Our range of herbal remedies include some of the following:

Kola nut is one of the products from African herbal medicine that has been discovered in the West. It helps alleviate headaches. Kola nut is also a stimulant similar to caffeine.

Grains of Paradise is a good natural herbal remedy as it is an effective digestive aid, combats nausea, releases water & freshens breath. It is also a delicious spice used in a variety of beverages & dishes.

Pellitory is a versatile root useful for headache, sciatica, epilepsy, digestive problems, toothache, cough & cold.

Senna is an African herb used as a laxative. It contains anthraquinones which gives the plant its strongly laxative effect. Make a tea or take supplements as directed for its healing benefits.

Aloe vera is one of the African herbal remedies that has the well deserved reputation as a ”wonder plant.“

Generally, the clear gel that comes from the center of the leaf quickens the healing process. The juice that comes from the base of the leaf produces a laxative effect.

Devil's claw is a well known African herb. Devil’s claw works against pain, inflammation & arthritis.

Myrrh is a good natural herbal remedy for inflammation & sore throats.

Visnaga (Khella) is ancient herb in African herbal medicine. It is thought to relieve symptoms of kidney stones. Another use of visagna is found in the fruit, which has been used to clean the teeth.

Coffee may be good for headache relief though some drinkers report too much coffee drinking can bring on headaches. In a pinch a couple of cups of coffee consumed quickly can alleviate an asthma attack.

Coffee can also play a role in weight loss & exercise performance. If you drink a small amount of coffee before a workout, with no sweetener added, your body releases fat into the bloodstream.

That fat is then used to fuel your workout causing you to burn fat, conserve carbs, endure longer. Obviously coffee is best know for its stimulant effects & though many people over-do it, coffee can still play a healthful role, if occasional role in our demanding lives.

Buchu is a low growing shrub with healthful antibacterial properties. The valuable oil is contained in the leaves. Buchu is indicated for urinary tract & prostate problems. It is also used as a treatment for gout.

Calumba is used as a remedy for the many stomach disorders. It aids digestion & improves appetite.

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is one of the African herbal remedies that contains numerous healthy ingredients such as antioxidants & minerals which increase longevity. Its also great for stomach disorders & nausea.

Rooibos also improves skin, making it smoother & younger looking. Finally, rooibos calms jittery nerves. It is usually served up as a tea or added to soups, sauces, marinades & cakes.

Hoodia (Hoodia gordonii) perhaps more than any other African herb helps suppress appetite making it perfect for dieters & binge eaters. Hoodia is a cactus like succulent plant from the Kalahari Desert. It has been used by the San Bushmen to stave off hunger during long hunting trips.

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a natural herbal remedy known as a mood enhancer. Some refer to Kanna as "nature's prozac